The Firm

adrian day asset management

Adrian Day Asset Management is the business name of Global Strategic Management, a “boutique” asset-management firm founded by Adrian Day in 1991. The firm was created to serve the needs of individuals, families and small institutions who believe in the merits of investing with a global, value perspective.

Our firm prides itself on its individuality. Correspondingly, we value the independence and individuality of each one of our clients. We know that our business can only grow to the extent that we respond to the needs of our clients. Clearly we must always try to deliver the greatest amount of performance with the least acceptable risk – as must every money manager – but we know, too, that respecting the unique nature of each investor’s circumstances is also critical. As a small firm we are, perhaps, better equipped to respond to this requirement than are larger enterprises managing billions of investment dollars.

If you have to compromise, compromise on price, never on quality.