Market Insight – A Strong Bull Market for Gold Lies Ahead, As Conditions Turn

Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell put a damper on gold’s incipient rally last week when he said that the Fed would remain tighter for long and was not yet “sufficiently restrictive”. Gold had closed the night before over $1,800, and had arguably been ahead of itself, anticipating a dovish Powell. Gold had come to life […]

Market Insight – What Powell Didn’t Say

There was nothing surprising in what Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell said in his long-anticipated Jackson Hole speech on Friday. In just eight minutes, without questions––barely more than a press release––he repeated that the Fed might have another large rate increase in September, and that they would not stop tightening until they had achieved their […]

Market Insight – What Does the Ukraine Conflict Mean for Investments?

There are many possible outcomes of the Ukraine conflict, over which we are very saddened, and with many factors at work, one needs to be ready to change one’s approach to changing conditions, while equally avoiding over-reacting to every slight shift in fortunes.  Read the full Market Insight.

Market Insight – The Fed, Tightening, & Gold

The market, after seemingly believing the Fed’s narrative for the past six months, has finally called its bluff. However, if the Fed tries to move more meaningfully to tackle inflation—it still won’t get ahead of it, the way Paul Volker did in 1980—the stock market will have another hissy fit and the Fed will back […]