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Conservative management in speculative markets

Adrian Day Asset Management offers individualized account management with personalized service. We believe in the merits of long-term, global, value investing, and that gold serves as an integral part of a risk-averse approach. We are continually searching the world for high-quality companies with long-term growth potential, selling below their intrinsic value, suitable for each client's individualized goals. Always conscious of risk, we balance long-term exposure to high-growth investments while seeking to minimize risk.

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Personalized management,
individualized attention.


We believe our clients deserve more than a one-size-fits-all investment approach. They should be greeted with recognition by their money manager, as opposed to feeling like an anonymous account number. We take into account our clients’ overall investments objectives, then find solutions that reflect their individualized investment needs.


We seek to provide our clients with good returns at an acceptable level of risk consistent with each client’s objectives. We do this by searching for undervalued assets from around the world, as well as by employing asset classes that have an ability, at times, to move contrary to the broader market.


We look for great companies selling at great prices that we can own for a long time. As such, we search the world constantly for such companies. We are not aiming simply to outperform a benchmark or do as well as other managers; we want to give clients absolute returns, which means finding absolute values.

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Investment fads come and go, but value is never out of style.

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