"If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else."

              -Yogi Berra


Our investment strategy comprises three different, but complementary, elements - value, global and resources. 


As with all money managers we seek to provide our clients with good returns at an acceptable level of risk. We believe we can do that by searching for undervalued assets around the world, as well as by employing asset classes (such as resources) that have an ability, at times, to move contrary to the broader market.


Obtaining such returns depends not upon following the paths and ideas already well trampled by "the herd", but rather by endeavoring in an imaginative and intuitive fashion to unearth opportunities where others see only risk and uncertainty.


Whether our strategy leads to buying an overlooked holding company in Europe or a Canadian junior gold producer, we always ask ourselves the following question: if we buy this investment, does it improve the portfolio? If the answer is "yes", it can only be because we satisfy ourselves that the new holding either contributes significantly to reducing the risk in the overall portfolio, or that it presents an exceptional value opportunity - or, preferably, both.


"Me too" investing is, almost by definition, the path to average performance at best.  The possibility of better-than-average results can only exist by following disciplines not generally employed by the investing masses.  Our contrarian strategy with its three elements is precisely such a discipline.


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