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    We have endeavored to make the process of opening an account with our firm as simple as possible.  If, at any point in the process, you feel you need help, please call our office at (410) 224-2037 and one of our team will be glad to assist you.  

    What's necessary to open your account with Adrian Day Asset Management?

    The process is as follows:

    1. Discuss with our staff your investment objectives and jointly determine which type of account will suit you best. A decision will be made after this conversation concerning the custodian for your future account.
    2. Print and complete three short forms available from our online library (Managed Account Agreement, Power of Attorney, Managed Account Terms) and return them to our office. 
    3. Accounts may be funded with cash, or securities, or both. If funded with cash, you should send a check with the forms (the check will NOT be made payable to our firm, but to the custodian firm). If funded with securities, it will be necessary to transfer those securities to the custodian firm. A special form necessary to effect the transfer will be provided to you.
    4. The new custodian firm will also require information from you. They will have their own procedures and forms (including the transfer form mentioned above). We will complete these forms for you as far as we are able. Certain custodian forms may require your signature and they will be sent to you. You should check them for completeness and accuracy, sign them and return them to us.
    5. Once all forms (our own and those of the custodian firm) have been received and reviewed and your funds have been received, you are all set!

    Before you open an account, you should read our ADV disclosure document as well as other important disclosures (to be found under "Important Information" in this section of the site).


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