• Benefits of Private Money Management

  •  Incremental Buying & Selling
      We tend to be incremental buyers and sellers. When we have a new company to buy, we tend not to buy for every client (for whom it meets their investment parameters) all at once at the same time and price. Rather we will tend to buy incrementally, for some clients first (those for whom it is most appropriate, or who are underweight that sector or market, or who have larger cash holdings at that time).

    Similarly, we can buy a full position for individual clients, particularly larger accounts, in stages, taking a modest position and buying more if the stock price drops or as developments at the company warrant.

    The selling process is similar, selling as the stock moves up, though of course, if we have changed our mind on a company, we will move quickly to sell for all clients.

    If we purchased additional shares for a client, we may sell that additional purchase sooner, at a modest profit, while retaining the core holding. 

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