The key is to buy value 
when few other people 
want to buy...and have 
the patience and 
courage to stay with 
the long-term trend.

              --J. Paul Getty


In addition to its regular managed account program, Adrian Day Asset Management is the designated portfolio manager for various institutional programs, which may suit certain types of investor. Please note that not all these programs are open to individual investors, and further, there may be restrictions on certain types of investor; specifically, some programs are not available to U.S. persons, and this discussion should not in any way be seen as a solicitation for such accounts to people who are not authorized to invest in these programs, nor where such solicitations are not allowed. 

+ Isle of Man Assurance Ltd   A.D.A.M. manages the gold portfolio of the Isle of Man Assurance. In addition, individual clients seeking a managed single-premium life program can designate A.D.A.M. as the portfolio managers of their account. Our standard minimums apply, and additional insurance fees are applicable. There may be restrictions on qualified clients. For information, you should contact Isle of Man Assurance Ltd directly, IOMA House, Hope St, Douglas, Isle of Man, British Isles, IM1 1AP; tel.: (011-44)+1624-68-1200.

Please note that because of legal restrictions, we at Adrian Day Asset Management may not able to discuss these services with U.S. persons.



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