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    High ethical standards are integral to any successful business.   At Adrian Day Asset Management we believe that our relations with our clients are based on mutual respect, trust and investment performance.  With regard to the matter of trust, it is our intention to be as transparent as possible in our dealings.  Any conflict of interest, real or potential, will be disclosed.  Fees will be explained carefully and fully.  We will also try to make our operational procedures both simple and intelligible.
    In short, we want our clients to understand our business as we respect and value theirs.
    Naturally, we strive to ensure our business is conducted in accordance with the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 as well as all relevant state regulations. We have implemented strict supervisory processes to ensure our staff and operations remain in full compliance regarding various regulatory requirements.  Please see legal disclosures.
    For additional information about our firm, please review our Form ADV Part 2, which is available to download. This is a large document and may take a minute to download. Please be patient. You will notice that the ADV Part 2 refers to Global Strategic Management, which is the legal entity that owns Adrian Day Asset Management.

    Please note these additional disclosures. You should ensure you read complete disclosures before opening an account. Managed accounts are individualized and prospects should discuss their goals and circumstances in order to discern if a managed account is appropriate. Not all accounts will hold the same securities or in the same amounts. Indeed, we may be selling for some clients at the same time as we are buying for others (depending on individual circumstances). Please note that Adrian Day and his family, as well as Global Strategic Management and its employees, may own some of the stocks that clients own. There is a difference between Adrian Day's money management services and his investment newsletter, and these should not be confused. A discussion of the legal and practical differences can be found on the home page of www.AdrianDay.com. All specific stocks or companies mentioned throughout this website are for the purposes of illustrating techniques and strategies and it should not in any way be inferred that we are buying or holding these for clients, existing or future. We may be buying or selling stocks mentioned herein independently of any reference in this website. You should see our complete track record to see our aggregate performance of all securities over time. 


    Canadian Residents:

    Global Strategic Management, a registered investment advisor in the U.S., d.b.a. Adrian Day Asset Management, is not registered in any Canadian provinces, and consequently cannot accept management accounts from Canadian residents. Products and services in this website are not available to Canadian residents and therefore should not be construed as a solicitation for such accounts in Canada. Also, we are unable to send the Portfolio Review or other material to any Canadian address.


    Further, Global Strategic Management is not affiliated in any way with Canada's Global Strategic mutual funds.


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