• Global Accounts

    Serious investing requires an understanding of the dynamics of the global economy.

    Long-term trends - such as 
    the rise or fall of certain major currencies - have important repercussions for all investors wherever they may live, or choose to invest. Isolationism in the economic or investment realm is no longer an option even for the wealthiest nation on the face of the planet.

    Today's free market economies are inextricably linked in what has, for all practical purposes, become one global marketplace. 

    Events in one country often affect the economic performance of others.  Yet most investment advisory firms concentrate on just one country, industry or type of financial vehicle.

    Adrian Day Asset Management is different.  We do not view a global approach as merely one alternative among various differing investment styles, but instead as the very essence of serious investing. Before undertaking a single investment our discipline requires us to understand how that investment "fits" with the trends that we see taking shape across the globe. And we also look to see how that particular investment, wherever it may be located, compares with similar investments in different parts of the world, a General Motors with Mercedes or Hyundai, for example.

    Today's sophisticated investing requires an experience in global markets that few investors can easily acquire on their own.  Despite the Internet -- perhaps because of it -- simply obtaining reliable information about non-U.S. companies can be both difficult and expensive.  Interpreting it is an undertaking beyond the reach of the large majority of private investors. Most prudent, thoughtful investors will ultimately opt for an investment advisor with global expertise.  Adrian Day Asset Management fills that need, combining an essential global perspective built on a foundation of value investing.



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