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    Thank you for visiting our website. I do hope you find it informative and interesting

    My firm is a very personal enterprise. Those of you who have heard me speak at conferences and seminars across the country over the past two decades will know of my approach to investing: a dedication to value and global investing, as well as a keen belief in the worth of gold. What may be less familiar to you is the fact that I, together with a valued team whose members you will "meet" a little later, have been managing the assets of a select group of private investors since 1991. The approach of my firm, Adrian Day Asset Management, is described in these web pages. Three words summarize this approach - "Global", "Value" and "Resources".

    We invest globally because we must: a narrow, single-nation perspective would simply be unnecessarily restrictive. Value investing has a long, honored place in the investment world; many of the world's most respected investors describe themselves as value investors of one type or another. Finally, I strongly feel that for long-term investors, the ability to own and control resources (from gold to forest products) will provide a measure of certainty in an inflationary world

    My hope is that, after visiting our website, you will want to learn more about our very individual and private firm. If, indeed, that is the case, then do please call our office in historic Annapolis. I know our staff will be delighted to help you. Our telephone number is 410-224-2037.

    P.S. To view many of the documents in this website, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. If you do not have this software, you can download it free of charge by clicking here.


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